Not many people were happy after the governor of Georgia announced that non-essential businesses could reopen their doors. Sure, it's good for the economy but the current pandemic is claiming thousands of lives across America. Still, 2 Chainz announced last week that the doors to his restaurants Escobar Restaurant and Tapas would open up once again.

Since then, it appears that 2 Chainz and his business partner Snoop Dillard ultimately decided against it for the greater good of their community and their well-being. They did technically open their doors but it was only so they could feed the homeless in the community. TMZ reports that 2 Chainz and Snoop Dillard distributed free meals to the homeless in downtown Atlanta outside of their store. They did also enforce social distancing measures to whoever was trying to grab a plate of butter garlic chicken pasta. 

Shortly after they announced their decision to open up the shop last week, many people within their community made it clear they weren't pleased. "After careful consideration, we are not going to open our restaurants on Monday. It has not officially been decided when we will start having dine-in service," Dillard explained. 

"Doin my part to make a difference ! What you doin besides holding ya nuts on a young black entrepreneurs ???? What happen to the media today ??? Feeding the homeless ain’t that interesting huh ?? SPIN CYCLE TONI," 2 Chainz wrote in a post.