2 Chainz is one of the biggest rappers in the world but one thing that propelled his career onto a bigger platform was his web series "Most Expensivest." On the show, the rapper tries out some of the most expensive things in the world whether it be cocktails, cakes and even a bottle of air at one point. He recently grabbed the legendary Tommy Chong as well as Hannibal Buress for his latest episode where they taste test some of the most expensive edibles in the world.

If there's one common factor to 2 Chainz, Hannibal Buress and Tommy Chong, it's the fact that they enjoy their marijuana. On the most recent episode of "Most Expensivest," 2 Chainz, Buress and Chong met up with Z's head chef and founder, Zairilla Bacon, to try out some of her famous comfort food infused with marijuana.

During their meal, they try out some of Z's medicated juice which goes for $20 a bottle before trying out her $500 Mac & Cheese. They later try out some chicken wings that are $20 a wing, asparagus, which go for $75 a lbs., crab legs ($275 per pound) as well as lobster tails that cost $525 each. All of the marijuana is infused in the batter, oils and sauces that the foods cooked in.

Later in the episode, it's evident why Z's restaurant is poppin'. While 2 Chainz attempts to keep the show moving in a productive manner, Hannibal and Tommy Chong are clearly very lit off of the food.

Check the episode below.