2 Chainz has been dealing with a whole lot of success over the past few years but he's had his fair shares of dealings with the law. Back in October, his bodyguard was accused of assaulting a photographer inside 30 Rockefeller Center as he was going to perform on Jimmy Fallon with Travis Scott. Ultimately, Richard Capek, the alleged victim, sued both 2 Chainz and his bodyguard for the incident. He claimed that 2 Chainz ordered his bodyguard to attack him but that's something that 2 Chainz denies.

2 Chainz was the battery lawsuit against him and his bodyguard dismissed, TheBlast reports. After 2 Chainz bodyguard, Rory Smith, was arrested and charged with assault, both parties have denied that they did anything wrong. On May 19th, court documents were filed on 2 Chainz behalf and the rapper denies that he ordered the attack on Capek. He said that the injuries the photographer faced were caused from separate parties. He said he had no control over the incident and that he can't be held responsible for other people's actions. 

In addition, 2 Chainz claims Capek took on the risks and dangers after he didn't "exercise due care." 2 Chainz now wants the whole battery lawsuit dismissed. 

After the assault took place, Richard Capek, 64, was found bleeding from his head before he was transported to the hospital. The judge has yet to rule the scenario.