2 Chainz and Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins partook in a hotly contested 3-point contest Tuesday at Phillips Arena. Better known for his dunks than his 3-point shot (32% career), Wilkins, 56, spent 40 minutes warming up before the contest.

Chainz opted to shoot first. He made four attempts over three racks for a total of six points. Wilkins defeated the rapper with ease, racking up seven points in his first two racks. Chainz demanded a second go-round and fell once again, 9-5.

Tity Boi appeared both devastated and bitter in a post-shootout interview. "You can't be here an hour before me, set up the racks where you know your field-goal range is higher, because we know you shoot from that side," he said. "We've seen it for 30 years. You want me to come in straight out the van and shoot from there. I don't feel like that was fair for me."

Wilkins smiled serenely and shared a piece of hard-earned wisdom with the rapper: "Life is hard, and sometimes fair."

Watch the full contest below.