Being the rapper that's everywhere at the moment, you wouldn't expect anyone else to cover Complex's online issue other than 2 Chainz.

The formerly-named Tity Boi released his album, Based On A T.R.U. Story, today, coinciding with the release of Complex's online issue.

Check out some excerpts below, as well as the cover.

[Photography by NABIL, courtesy of Complex]

You were really secretive about this project. Most artists love to share reasons you need to hear their album. It seems like you were just like, “Trust me, I got this.” What was the reasoning or strategy behind that? Some people operate on the idea of, “If I don’t tell people why it’s going to be great, they might not be interested.” Why did you go the opposite way?
I have a different theory on that, period. I just feel like, society is so microwaveable that everybody wants to see everything so bad. So that kinda spoiled music. I just try to bring it along and I also keep in mind what made me fall in love with hip-hop. And what made me fall in love with hip-hop was unpredictable features and surprises.

I remember when The Firm was put together. I just remember certain things that were dope about hip-hop. Today, everybody wanna know the songs, everybody wanna know who did it, and it just—you don’t get that feeling anymore. So I just try to claim that all back.

Everything I used to get geeked about when I was young, growing up, I'll try to get that feeling back again when I put my project out.

You knew it was coming, but to have the album leak after all that secrecy... How does it feel to see everyone online discussing it and analyzing every detail before you get to put it out in the manner that you wanted to?
Leaking could be a good and a bad thing. I’m definitely hurt by it. I know I grind a lot. I can’t let that get a hold of me. I was upset at first, naturally, but you know, it happens. I’ve been on another ship when people didn’t want to bootleg early albums. So I’ve been on both sides and I have to learn to appreciate both sides without getting emotionally tied to it. The main release is August 14th, so respect the grind. Support that.