2 Chainz has done it all, from going platinum to debating Nancy Grace on Fox News, and the Atlanta rapper seems to be getting better with age. In fact, his recent Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album may very well be his crowning musical achievement in a long and storied career. So what happens when you've reached 2 Chainz status, and you're looking for another way to make the world a better place? Well, evidently, 2 Chainz has been contemplating pursuing a career in politics, an idea he flirted with back in 2015.

Unlike the recently announced and inevitably doomed Coolio campaign, 2 Chainz doesn't have his sights set on the White House. Tity Boi previously expressed interested in running for mayor of College Park, and the rapper elaborated on his ambitions during an interview with Trevor Noah last night. While he expressed trepidation about running without the "right qualifications" Chainz does feel as if he could make a positive difference in the community, especially after receiving such praise following his epic debate with Nancy Grace. 

He elaborates on his motivations, stating:

"I'm from College Park. It's a city right outside of Atlanta, Georgia and I'm passionate about my neighborhood, my community. The mayor that was currently serving when I was thinking about taking the crown from him had been there for 20 or 30 years, so they were eager for a change. But they had a few prerequisites that I couldn't meet like staying in the same county and things like that because I didn't want to stay in the same county still. I was about growth. It's about growth and maturation. I feel like one day I could do something like that."

He also shares what would have been his primary mandate, a rational take on marijuana legalization, before proving that Tity Boi is for the kids. Check out some of 2 Chainz' words on a few key topics, as expressed to Trevor Noah. 

"Depending on much it is, I think it's a crime that's not that severe, but if it's put on your jacket or something it can affect you for years to come.  "I would just do things in the community, start with things that I'm basically true to that I have my hand in. I would also deal with funding a lot of the county programs, sports programs, and things like that because I feel like a lot of kids don’t come outside anymore. A lot of them either play video games or are on their phones, so I would like to do things in the community to give them something to do 24 hours a day."

What do you think? Would 2 Chainz be a suitable mayoral candidate, or should he stick to music? You can watch the full interview right here.