Probably one of the most infamous 2 Chainz one-liners, and subsequently one of our favorites, was gifted to us via his Kanye West-assisted single "Birthday" from his debut album Based On A T.R.U. Story. At the top of the opening verse of the record when 2 Chainz utters the most unforgettable phrase, "She got a big booty so I call her big booty," he perhaps unknowingly set off a snowball effect of searingly nonsensical, yet sensical, uniquely dope one-liners to fall on each of his releases to come, and exactly alongside that, he set our expectations that we would be gifted with such one-liners.

In the six years since he rapped that legendary, opening punchline on his debut album, 2 Chainz has managed to keep us entertained with his creative prose on each release, often besting his previous efforts, one bar at a time. His latest work, the They Don't Care Who Makes It EP, Tit is once again doing what he does best, and that is flossing the one-liners with style and grace. Although the project is only four tracks in length, it still packs more than a few mean punchlines, all the while reminding us not to count out 2 Chainz to come with the fire unexpectedly and swiftly.

Whether barried deeply in the surprise barrage of bars on the opening track "Ok Bitch" or expertly woven into the feels inducing lyrics of "Lamborghini Truck," this article is dedicated to uncovering those gems.

So get your headphones out and ready your Instagram captions.



Let's face it, "Ok Bitch" is possibly the hardest song on this EP and for good reason, this shit goes all the way off from the point the beat drops.

  • "Okay bitch I got a home that got a home that got a home."
  • "Known to give a old school a heart attack. Known to buy a new car if I got a flat"
  • "Chronicles of the chronic and the digi' scale. And stripper pussy on my motherfuckin' fingernail."
  • "The devil wear Prada, I'm a demon. A heathen, I gave the meat to vegans."
  • "I'ma need a girl tonight, I need someone to sleep in."



As we saw last week in 2 Chainz"Family Matters" Instagram Gallery, the man is a momma's boy, and "Proud" is the perfect Trap ode to his Trap momma.

  • "Yeah, do it for the hood, nigga rep. Yeah Soufside with an F 'Cause I'm Fresh"
  • "Soon as I finish pissin', I put the seat down. Or my momma'd be done cuss' my damn ass out."
  • "Bought my mama's first house with the juug money. Bought my mama's second house with the club money."
  • "Only child no sibling, no besties. I couldn't do nothing right like a lefty"
  • "Me and momma got busted at the same time. Went to court and told the judge the damn same lies."
  • "You poppin' pills, I'm rarer than two dollar bills."



Land of the freaks, home of the tit.

  • "Got so many cars, I'm like, "What I need to be here for?" 
  • "Hundred dollar bills with no motherfuckin' billfold."
  • "Yeah, I'm a misfit, dipshit, fish sticks, six whips."
  • "Look at my eye, I can't decide how to describe. Your nigga lookin' broke, I hope that shit a disguise."
  • "I gave you a hundred, you told me a seventy-five, lil' bitch, I want my a quarterback."
  • "Don't fuck with Goofy niggas, that's Disney."
  • "Alka Seltzer cold your career started fizzin'. You gon' need four pair of Cartier's to see my vision."



There is really no other way to describe this track other than it's incredibly fitting label of, "Atlanta Shit."

  • "They don't ask where you from when you on a jet."
  • "Started from apartments, ended in a mansion. That's the definition of growth and expansion."
  • "Lamborghini fast and I'm too tall for that shit. I tried to get in it had to crawl in that bitch."
  • "Panini with the crust. Gianni on the tux. Money on the other side. In God We Trust."
  • "And I'm like the Snowman when I'm holdin' on a fork. And I'm like Dro when I'm rockin' Polo Sport. I feel like Gucci when I'm walkin' out of court."