2 Chainz, two projects on the way. In the latest episode of Rap Radar’s weekly podcast, Tity Boi was the show’s special guest, where he spilled the news on two new upcoming projects.

In what sounded like an accident, 2 Chainz says that his next solo album will be called B.C., an acronym for “Before Chainz.”

“It’s gonna be called B.C., like B.C. and A.D. B.C. is Before Chainz,’ obviously. A.D. would be like After the Dope Game,’ After the drugs, everything is a different feel. But B.C. is done. It’s Tity Boi. It’s nostalgic.”

But wait, there’s more. Right after he announced the title of his album, he decided to let listeners know that he has a joint project with Lil Wayne on the way as well called Collegroove, and it’s coming sooner than we think.

“Then I got 'Collegroove.' That’s the project me and Wayne working on. That’ll be out probably sooner than people think.” - 2 Chainz

If you don't have an hour to kill, just fast forward to the 58-minute mark to hear the exciting news.