2 Chainz has been on a tear lately. Not only did the rapper recently deliver one of his best projects in Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, but he also secured a spot alongside Eminem on the European Revival tour. It seems crazy, but 2 Chainz is actually getting better with age; by that logic, his upcoming Rap Or Go To The League may be his strongest effort to date. Now, the Atlanta legend has taken the time to chop it up with Tim Westwood, discussing his new music, as well as "Chloraseptic" collaborator Eminem.

Tim Westwood seems to feel significantly impacted by Em, emphasizing his importance to the UK. "People really related to what he said. He just resonated in a way. He talked to people over here, just talked to them emotionally, man. And those fans? He’s kept for 10 years. "He just caught everyone's imagination. It was also, like, a generational thing. That was their rite of passage in hip-hop." 

Seeing as Eminem is a legacy act, it's no wonder that fans still come forward to catch him live. It all bodes well for 2 Chainz, who announces his nefarious intentions on "stealing some of his fans." I don't necessarily know if stealing is the right word; it's likely that many will follow 2 Chainz willingly. As they should - the man makes great music.

Eminem talk starts around the 4:40 minute mark. Keep an eye out on that Rap Or Go To The League.