The latest season of Vice's Most Expensivest Shit is underway and 2 Chainz has a whole bunch of episodes in the vault, ready to teach us about how the 1% enjoy the finer things in life. Past introductions showed us the luxuries of an $800 bottle of beer, $5,000 chicken wings, a $600 cup of coffee, a $10,000 steak dinner as well as a $4,000 canine cologne and more. 

One of the most recent episodes shows us the world of Polo and the money it takes to play the expensive sport. With Rick Ross by his side, 2 Chainz talks with a 21-year-old professional player who explains that a horse can cost $100,000 and the membership and sponsor fees for a club is upwards of $24,000. Ross finds ways to compare polo to hip hop, such as being able to succeed at a young age, bump people out of the way to make room for someone else and more similarities. 

Watch the full clip below and watch more full episodes here.