It's only the first quarter of 2020 and Lil Wayne's loyal fans can likely consider themselves well-fed, what with the release of Funeral in late January. Likewise for 2 Chainz's fans, though they might not be as full, given that Tity's lone album thus far was a T.R.U University compilation. Still, there's plenty of time for that to change, and change it shall. Last night, 2 Chainz hit up Instagram Live to stream some unreleased music, not to mention dropping a major bombshell regarding Collegrove 2. 

2 Chainz Lil Wayne Collegrove 2

Ever since Collegrove arrived four years ago, many have been eager to see whether 2 Chainz and Lil Weezy would unite for a sequel. Luckily, it would appear that's the game plan. "I'm also dropping Collegrove 2 this year," confirms 2 Chainz. "Just know that gon drop, all that secret surprise shit." Though he doesn't provide much else in the way of a release window, it's good to know that the Lil Wayne collaboration album remains in the pipeline, though it's likely we'll see a 2 Chainz solo album before it hits. 

If the snippets are any indication, we're in for a treat. 2 Chainz took a moment to preview one of the tracks, which features an absolutely savage verse from a snapping Wayne. "Give my people power now we power fiends," spits Wayne, deep in his bag. "This addiction feeling like a boxer stepping out the ring / you swing and miss, we critically thinking about the critics up in critical condition." All the while, a jovial Tity bops like he knows exactly what he's got in the stash. Stay tuned for more news on Collegrove 2, which is officially arriving this year.