With the release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music this year, 2 Chainz made it clear that he deserves to be looked at as an album artist. The Atlanta rapper was once known primarily for his quotable and energetic singles and features, but his full-length projects give us a better look at who he is as an artist. Some are stronger than others, but each of Chainz' studio albums gives us a piece of his identity; whether it be the pun-loving joker, the southern rap traditionalist, the hooky hitmaker or the the trap music synthesist. There's also a clear growth and increased comfort in Chainz' work throughout his discography; something he has described as the result of practice and determination. 

“I understood a while back that, rap don’t have that little time-clock thing," he told HNHH in June. "This shit ain’t no clocking out, ain’t no clocking in, you’ve got to be ready to spend an extra day in the city if you have to, you have to be ready to live with some decisions you’ve made. You have to be able to motherfucking know how to network, make relations, whatever it is, that’s what this rap, or hip-hop, whatever you want to call it, is about, and that’s what I understand. I know if I stay in the studio, if I stay in the gym, if I stay anywhere, I’m going to get better at it. I can’t get better, doing something I don’t understand, it’s just not gonna make me better. That’s why it’s important that I have a studio everywhere I go, and that’s why I sound so refreshed all the time, I’m up on everything all the time.”

In order to look closer at the strides 2 Chainz has made since his debut album in 2012, we've decided to revisit and rank his four studio albums. You can check out the list below.