In the manner in which Kingdoms were brought up to speed in olden days, $ir Tek or Tek Maguire as he's colloquially known, travelled to New York City ready to deliver an important message, quiet as kept.

Tek, who owns Streets Execs, the fabled management team that reps Skooly, Young Dolph, Cap 1, and Travis Porter, just announced the completion of Rap Or Go To The League, the forthcoming project from the biggest earner in the pack, the rapper formerly-known-as Tity Boi.

Tek didn't just fly up the East Coast pipeline with nothing to show for it. In fact, everything concerning 2 Chainz' new body of work is dutifully outlined in a message to his Instagram followers. According to Tek, Rap Or Go To The League is mixed, mastered, and ready-to-go, but that's not why he made the trip in-person.

Seeing that 2 Chainz is a well-established artist, Def Jam allows Street Execs to micromanage the incidentals. The only thing required of the Street Execs' team, is to re-examine the budgetary constraints for the album - and once Tek is granted a seal of approval for his client, both sides go off on their merry way, simple as that.