At the start of 2017 JR Smith and his wife Jewel announced some frightening news that their daughter, Dakota, was born five months before her due date. 

JR has been out of action and flying under the radar as he recovers from a broken thumb but he recently took to twitter to reveal some positive news that his daughter is doing very well and he's looking forward to taking her home.

He also used the social media platform to host an impromptu Q&A today, discussing a wide range of topics with his fans including who he'd most like to dunk on, his favorite moment in the league, and his opinion of Charles Barkley.

He also set the record straight on his rumored Hennessy obsession and played "This or That" with PS4 or Xbox, Lambos or Ferraris, and Popeyes or KFC.

Check out some of the things we learned today from JR's Q&A.