For an era that has more super-producers than ever it’s surprising that the beatmakers still don’t get the respect they deserve. It’s the main reason why formerly prolific producer Sonny Digital a couple of months ago took to social media to explain why he himself became a vocal artist and suggested a union to settle the qualms had by producers. But it’s not only a monetary issue, its one that deals with recognition for the part they play in the music. This year's Grammy nominations included one glaring omission-- Metro Boomin for producer of the year. That’s just how substantial this problem is, that even rap’s most recognizable producer can’t seem to crack the code on how to get the credit he deserves.  

Some producers solution to the problem is simply not to produce for any artists at all, and instead remain in the electronic lane, cranking out tapes where their production is the focal point and forcing recognition that way. Others have chosen only to produce for only a few artists who they really have faith in to help build their name, and then, of course, there are the producers who put quantity at the forefront, giving their beats out to anyone with a valid checking account. Whatever their solutions are it shouldn’t be necessary in an era where we know more about the music than ever. We should appreciate all of the producers out there blending genres, establishing the foundations for the tracks we love and making truly fascinating music.

In celebration of that, here's a run-down of 15 producers thriving on Soundcloud that you should become familiar with.