Theres no way to deny it, we are currently living in a time in which streetwear reigns supreme. Through recent years streetwear has evolved, not only taking a more fashion-forward approach but opening up doors for musicians, especially rappers, to slide through, leaving an imprint not only musically but aesthetically.

The evolution of streetwear has brought a counter-culture to the forefront of fashion: those, who, in the past were considered thugs or rebels, have now been invited to crossover into the "you-cant-sit-with-us" world of fashion.  A pioneer of this crossover has undeniably been Kanye West, who consistently pushes the boundaries of streetwear as well as high-end fashion. The rapper initially embarked on his own various clothing lines through the years, and is currently working on his collaboration with French brand A.P.C.

Fashion and hip hop are becoming more and more synonymous, as an array of fashion designers are openly inviting well-known faces of hip-hop to share in the design process and create collaborative capsule collections together. These limited edition collections are now so commonplace we hear of a new rapper and design house partnership almost weekly. Within the past two years however some of the most lucrative and alluring rapper/brand collaborations have occurred, leaving us all wanting more, and anticipating the next fusion of fashion and hip hop.

Here is a look at the top 15 recent rapper capsule collections you should take note of.