For those of you late in the game, after premiering this past winter at Sundance, the documentary “Fresh Dressed” is now available to the public. Directed by Sacha Jenkins, the film is an incredibly dope example of the multifaceted culture that is, hip-hop. The film maps the history of hip-hop in connection to fashion, all within the evolving framework of the Black community. 

While most millennials equate Kanye, Pharrell, or A$AP Rocky as the most stylish in the rap game, the roster travels even further back. "Fresh Dressed" takes us through the fundamental pieces of hip-hop fashion, recounting key players such as Dapper Dan, the Shirt Kings, and the story of Cross Colors.

What makes the film so special, beyond its long list of guest appearances, is how it fills audiences in on the role fashion played historically, economically, psychologically, and politically in the lives of people who created hip-hop. On top of this, the film doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations about race, inferiority, superficiality, and the truths that lie in between. For those you unable to catch it in theatres, support the movement and rent or buy the film here.

With "Fresh Dressed" on our minds, let’s take a look at the most memorable, must-watch hip-hop documentaries out. While there are so many to choose from, lets not waste any time. Here are 15 staples, ordered chronologically. Which of these have you already seen?