Before you get on to reading, I feel a responsibility as this list's writer to inform the reading public that marijuana is bad. If you smoke it, you will get pregnant and/or die. 

That being said, if you do choose to smoke the devil's lettuce in honor of the Waldos, here are a few ground rules:

  1. DO NOT talk about the last time you were high. Soon enough, these conversations will degenerate into "Hey, remember the last time we talked about the last time we were high?"
  2. DO have a movie night.
  3. DO NOT try tightroping.
  4. DO listen to Freddie Gibbs & Madlib's Pinata.
  5. DO NOT listen to the new Young Money compilation album (this one applies to being sober as well).
  6. DO stock up on food.
  7. DO NOT forget when something's cooking. Only one thing in your home should be burning, and it shouldn't be your kitchen.
  8. DO check out the following list of stoner anthems.
  9. DO NOT bitch about who didn't make the cut. 
  10. Hey, hey, hey...
  11. Smoke weed every day.