Future quickly became the game’s hottest rapper in 2015 thanks to his consistency, with the release of DS2, Beast Mode, 56 Nights, and What A Time to Be Alive. Little did we know just how far that consistency would extend, to 2017, not only with his full-length bodies of work but equally so for his friends and partners with an astounding amount of featured work. There was a slight concern for Future's direction (and future, ha) post-Honest in 2014, but Future was quick to wash that away, coming back bigger and better than before with his mixtape run and sophomore project.

Future's dominance often extends to the track he's featured on, even if it's only for a hook, Future will often determine the sound of a record, inadvertently or otherwise, monopolizing the sound. We’ve seen this play out to the artist's advantage too, with an artist only enlisting Future for that specific need of an auto-tuned, catchy hook. It often works. In terms of his solo career, Future’s pair of 2017 albums had a noticeable lack of outside voices, his own being all that was needed, for the most part. There have been out-right collaborative projects though, such as Beast Mode with Zaytoven, Drake for What A Time to be Aliveand the latest album Super Slimey, in collaboration with Young Thug

Future's ability to take a step back and reevaluate his career and how he navigates the rap game is something to be observed in its own right. Where fans went from not being wholly interested in hearing more than a chorus from him, to now reciting every verse at a concert, speaks volumes to the work ethic,  the constant reinvention and improvement of his style, and just how much he’s been able to affect the game in such a short time. We’re looking forward to seeing what Future has in store for the remainder of 2017 (you never know), and subsequently 2018. In the interim, we're celebrating Future's 34th birthday (!) by looking at some of the best features he's doled out thus far. 

Let us know your favorite Future features.

For the purposes of this list, please note, we did not include or pull from either joint albums WATTBA and Super Slimey. Presented in chronological order.