In the triumphant return of "140 Bars Or Less", Curren$y redefines 'bathroom sex', Azealia Banks gets some work done, and Joe Budden flashes gratuitous photos of his girlfriend (shockingly).

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It's definitely right up there with soothing relieving bodily sensations.  Peeing might be the new fucking Spitta, but just be careful you don't combine the two. (Notice how I held out on making an R. Kelly joke?).  


That ain't gangsta. 


I like Mac Miller, dude can spit, has a little bit of producing under his belt, and seems like someone you'd wanna share a spliff with.  But something's always been off about his "look" and I never could quite put my finger on it.  Now I know, Mac Miller is actually a butch lesbian.  


Some of these "hackers" are incredible and have the ability to make the tone of the tweets they send, mirror exactly how the person whose account it is would actually tweet.  "My account was hacked" is the new "the dog ate my homework". You know, if the dog went onto Twitter and started writing mean-spirited personal things about people you know, that only YOU could know. 


When having difficulty sleeping there are some easy rules to follow to correct your sleep pattern.  One is to avoid caffeine and high sugar products before going to bed, ensure you are active throughout the day, adjust your bed and pillows to maximize comfort, oh and don't take adderall.   


Really, this is one of the greatest feelings of your life?  Not to diminish someone's accomplishments of going back to school and finishing their degree, but you are mahafucking DRAKE!  Graduating high school should fall at about number 267 on your list of accomplishments, right behind banging two Toronto Raptors cheerleaders in one night, and ahead of filming the scene when Jimmy Brooks gets capped at Degrassi.


I'm taking one look at your nose and don't think you need any work.   Under close examination it seems very round and symmetrical and uhhh looks firm to me.  



Did they say "jelly" or "jam" cause right out the gate that makes a world of difference.  Jam, it's not ideal, but left with no options, could be solid on fresh waffles.  Jelly however, that would be like slathering no-name ketchup on a sirloin steak.  
The disconnect between what condiments varying areas of the globe apply on different foods is one of the major cultural differences keeping our world from reaching global unity.  



Tyler, the Creator might just be the King of hip hop Twitter, and as the King he sits on a thrown, you do NOT sit on him.  This OF member is always threatening to slap/hit someone, but being a human chair doesn't look so bad...


Another mainstay on "140 Bars Or Less" is Joe Budden, and his Twitter muse, girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.  So Budden, you're telling us your girl put that jacket on at 4am on her own volition?  
In reality the conversation probably went something like: "Yo, Kaylin, imma run to the store, but let me get a picture of your fine ass before I do." "But Joe, I'm sleeping..." "I haven't posted a pic of you half-naked in nearly ninety minutes. Get out the bed and slip on that coat....Ohh, and make your head look like a used up S.O.S. pad."