After a short hiatus, 140 Bars Or Less: Tweets Of The Week returns to some trouble in paradise. There's friction within the once untouchable MMG empire.

Meek Mill announced the Sept. 9 release date of Dreams Worth More Than Money on Monday, which was supposed to kickstart the anticipation for the next big MMG release. Instead, the hype got overshadowed when Meek Mill decided to shoot some sass over at Wale for apparently not promoting his album through Twitter and lowkey hating on him. Wale responded like many conscience-minded rappers would: Through an Instagram post and through song. At least it was a good song though.

While that became the biggest news of the week, a lot of the rappers had to deal with some other revelations. The release of the previously unheard "Rock Star" ledNicki Minaj to reveal that she wrote her "If I was a nigga, I would be gettin’ my dick sucked" line a year ago. Also, Brazil's beatdown at Germany's hands was so crazy it even left Action Bronson speechless. Despite all this, RiFF RAFF is still doing RiFF RAFF things — whatever that means exactly.