This week in "140 Bars Or Less", Ice T and Bun B gather their rations during Hurricane Sandy, N.O.R.E. answers collect calls and endorses diversity, and Miley Cyrus breaks your "achy breaky heart" on Halloween.  

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10.  GAME

Game isn't the first rapper on 140 Bars to tweet about stripclub chicken wings, but he is the first to post an Instagram pic of it.  
Honest question: is it less hygienic to have your paws all over those singles on the ground before eating your wings, or less hygienic to have your hands all over a stripper before rubbing your fingers on your food? 


Iggy Azalea + 2lbs of Honey Garlic Wings + Stripclub = "Sticky" Bliss


Who's going to man-up here?  Somebody step up and take one for the team.  C'mon, chewing condoms can't be that much different than putting a balloon in your mouth right?   Nah, you're right, it's probably not worth it.  What are the odds a girl would follow through on an internet promise anyway?

7.  ICE T

Luckily for Ice, Hurricane Sandy didn't have a prolonged stay.  With rations like Hot Pockets and Kool Aid dude isn't lasting much longer than 72 hours.   
Luckily for us, Ice's girl CoCo was on hand to battle Sandy into submission...

6.  BUN B

Speaking of "hurricane rations", here's one that most of us can get on board with.   


Here's future Mayor of Winnipeg, Juicy J, endorsing the Manitoba kush.  

4.  N.O.R.E.

Wonder if he lets his white non-thug friends rhyme along to "Super Thug" when it comes on.
Also, Max B should holler at Noreaga.  


Good to see Scarface has no problems letting go of things and not holding a grudge.  


Chris Brown dressing up as someone with an "explosive" temper for Halloween?    


Forget for a second that she looks like a fit Peg Bundy.  Is this what it would look like if Miley "Gwen Stefani" Cyrus had a kid with Nicki Minaj?  If so, then Science, please hurry up and make this happen.