This week in "140 Bars Or Less", Ace Hood makes 50K part of a complete breakfast, Mistah F.A.B. gives Ike Turner some props, and Slim Thug makes his return to the 140 Bars Chronicles.  

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I used to be more of a Toaster Strudle guy, but I never seen Pop-Tarts looking so good.  Can't wait till I hear a rapper say "I dropped TWO Pop-Tarts at the club." 

9.  50 CENT

Fifty jumps on Twitter to disprove the age-old adage that "beauty if only skin deep." Here's the thing though, don't just be dropping $6K on any old chick hoping to improve her.  Just like if you driving a beat-up car, and hey nothing wrong with that, but if so, don't drop $3K on rims for it.  An ugly car with nice rims, is still an ugly car.  Same goes for females getting plastic surgery.   

8.  T-PAIN

Can't even front, that man is flat-out lounging while driving.  I know it's not a pickup truck, but something tells me that dude is Karl Malone.  


Mack Maine dropping some third-level dream knowledge on his Twitter followers.   

6.  ROYCE DA 5'9

Would you eat a piece of gum from another dude's mouth?  Well, it's even worse when you're grabbing another man's grill and popping it in your mouth.  Might as well just kiss each other on the lips and get it over with. 


Slim Thug returns to "140 Bars Or Less" and plays the role of Jigsaw from the "Saw" movies.  You'd have to pay me at least 100 Pop-Tarts to even consider chopping off a limb.  


Wait, Joe's girl loved another before him?  How can this be?  

Joe Budden - 140.jpg" style="width:403px;height:403px">


F.A.B. is right, Ike was just a beast in the booth.  Even Tina Turner admits that Ike had some good "beats". 


Taste in music is subjective.  There is no right or wrong when rating music.  That being said, what the hell you gotta be smoking to think GKMC is "trash"?  You been living under a rock the past 10 years or something...wait, oh, guess Shyne kind of has.  After almost 10 years in prison, he probably has a lot of trolling to get off his chest.  


"I wasn't really feeling K.Dot's new album.  Sounded too much like his old shit" - Juicy J