The triumphant (ok, maybe not so much) return of "140 Bars Or Less" dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter.  Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.  
This week, Nick Cannon's "sweatin...WOOO," Frank Ocean got man-handled, and Mac Miller gets sued for a track off his mixtape...again. 

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Thugga is a man who believes in going straight to the source.  If you think someone begging for change may use the money for drugs, why not just give them drugs directly.  If you get the wrong blend, paranoia can be a bitch.  Think of your worse paranoia from being high, and now imagine how bad it would be if you lived in a box.  


Good on ya MGK.  If you put that much effort getting cleaned up just to watch porn by yourself then you must look immaculate when you go out on real life dates.  I mean, most people won't even go through the trouble of taking their sweat pants fully off when watching porn, and here Kelly is getting all primed and proper. 

8.  ROYCE DA 5'9

"In Rod We Trust."


Good to see Azealia has graduated to calling people "fuckheads" as opposed to the "F" word she hurled at Perez Hilton.   


Nick Cannon has been in the business seemingly forever, and if he is handing out advice you should probably listen.  If anybody knows what a hot sweaty mess looks like it's the guy who's married to Mariah Carey. 



Man, Spitta might need to ease up on the chronic if it's affecting his memory.  It's gotten to the point he can't remember anything he was supposed to do.  For example, he clearly has forgotten to release the Live In Concert collabo project with Wiz Khalifa. 


Why would he need to sue you for that?  Didn't Slim Thug just say that he gave him some weed?   


So Chris Brown finally picked on someone "his own size."  Too bad he needed an entourage to fight a dude who is professionally listed as a "crooner."    


Fans truly have become "fanatical" about getting any kind of peraphrenalia they can to feel like they have a piece of an artist. 


Donald Trump goes off on one of his signature tirades and although he previously co-signed the "Donald Trump" track is now looking for royalties.  Miller is a chill dude and responded thusly, but I certainly hope this leads to Miller dropping a diss track called "Ronald Lump."