Dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter.  Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.  
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Iggy is flat out banging, not many would deny that, but, as is the case with many beautiful women, she seems to have become detached from reality.  At first glance this is a funny joke to insinuate a maid would think her "poo stains" smell like chocolate, but why would she assume the housekeeper would lift up the sheets and put them to her nose to fully inspect them?  

9.  T-PAIN

Usually a sure fire way for a marketing homerun is include some celebrities, and some titties.  Can't imagine this company was looking to combine the two and market their product with the imagery of T-Pain's "under boob." 


Is that so much to ask? 


Yes, this would be an effective strategy if you were battling the most vicious of sexually transmitted diseases - pregnancy.  



5.  GAME

At the very least you can do that.  How many regrettable hook-ups is Patron responsible for?  


Wait, then what do you think chocolate milk is???


In the glory years, the same time when you could smoke a cigarette on a plane, a stewardess was selected solely on her appearance, and possibly her willingness to sleep with whoever was doing the fighting.  With women's rights increasing, and the entire Politically Correct movement, the tide has shifted, and you're more likely to find a man helping you while you travel from Connecticut to Portland.  In Europe, while always fashion forward, they are still behind in many ways, including sexist hiring practices.  A resume for a flight attendant in Italy is probably filled with three or four salacious selfies. 

2.  ROYCE DA 5'9

Can't imagine White Castle, or Coney Island Hot Dog (two of Detroit's fast food staples) are going to be knocking down Royce's door for an endorsement deal anytime soon.  

1.  WALE

Wale took exception to some words Toronto Raptors announcer, Matt Devlin had for him so he thought it necessary to call him out on Twitter, and follow it up by berating him courtside while Devlin called the game.  Makes sense, as the MMG spitta is from the notoriously rough DMV area, and Matt Devlin looks like this.