dissecting the foibles of the hip hop community as expressed in under 140 characters on Twitter.  Not just used as a device to flood people's timelines with your new track, album, video, or clothing line, sometimes rappers truly channel the unfiltered interaction with fans.  
This week P.A.P.I. (NORE) murders a toilet, Ice T helps Mike Tyson catch rapists, and Azealia Banks has unprotected sex. 

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Oddly, probably the best line he has written in years.  Not to sensationalize, but could this possibly be aimed at Havoc?  The two Mobb Deep members have apparently reconciled, but even if P did blast Hav with these tweets, it would not even touch how harsh Havoc originally went at him.  


Danny Brown is an "eccentric" rapper from Detroit who has had his issues with drugs in the past.  Doubt "cow pussy" would even crack the ten worst things he's eaten.  

8.  P.A.P.I.

I certainly hope he doesn't mean salmon-stuffed Krispy Creme's.  Actually hell, that might work.  
You know a man spends a lot of time on a certain toilet when he takes to Twitter to eulogize it after fearing he has murdered it. 

7.  ICE T

Please tell me convicted rapist Mike Tyson wasn't playing the role of someone trying to catch an assailant for sexual assaulting a woman.  That would be like a legendary gangster rapper making his money now by playing a cop on TV...


Guess it's damn near impossible to turn this scenario down, but shouldn't Joey be out promoting his album?  No Love Lost is projected to move under 30,000 units in its first week.  That's some Brazzers money right there.  Not, sex "like Brazzers pornstars" money, but sex "with yourself watching them on your laptop with your Brazzers account" money. 


Structure be damned.  This is the greatest Haiku ever.  


Haven't heard anything about Keith Murray in a minute, and would have to imagine his "Most Beautifulest Thing In The World" residuals are drying up.  From the scene Just Blaze is painting here, sounds like Murray has changed his tune to, "the most beautifulest thing in the world, is just that CRAAAAAACK."



Pics, or it didn't happen...hoards, and hoards of pics.  



In case you're viewing this from a computer in a library, and don't have the internet at home - which should be the only reason you don't recognize the girl up top - this is girl-next-door-looking porn starlet Remy LaCroix.   And this is what happens when you sell well over 30k in your first week. 


So many topics to cover here.  Is it an "invisible person" or a ghost?  Cause if it's a person that is just invisible to the naked eye then they should still be wearing protection.  
"Ghost Pussy"?  If you think dudes had trouble finding the g-spot before...
It actually sounds like what Yung Rapunxel might have a fetish and she wants to get "Poltergeist'd."