Welcome to the inaugural ‘140 Bars or Less’ post where I compile the week’s “best-in tweet” in the world of Hip Hop. Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter.

Twitter is intriguing to fans because it offers an un-buffered forum into the minds of some of your favorite artists.  The material is often raw and unfiltered, and lucky for us, most of these guys have no filter.

Here are ten of the best tweets from the past week in no particular order – except the last spot reserved for ‘tweet of the week’.  (In the coming weeks, if you see any tweets by known rappers you think should be included then let me know @BrandonBombay.)

Personally, when I want to inform hotel staff about my arrival, I check-in at the front desk, usually under a reservation, grab my room keys, and inquire about the amenities – but hey Budden, different strokes for different folks.

I don’t think I want to see what he does when he gets to a resort.

Always a wordsmith, I can picture a teenage Royce handing in his English homework filled with rich metaphors and similes crumpled into a ball.

Keeping with the homework motif, it would be interesting to hear Nickle’s take on nipple piercings – nipple piercings are not appropriate if your nipples look like they were chewed up like a dog toy.   Oh no, I don’t think my mind’s eye could handle the images Royce would conjure if you asked him about genital piercings.

Yep, Snoop tweeted a picture of him and Lindsay Lohan.
I imagine the exchange between the two went something like this:

Lohan: “Hey, Snoop, can I grab some more of that kush from you?”

Snoop: “Damn girl, I just gave you a quarter, like two days ago.  You smoked all that already?”

T offers up some solid adv-ICE (I know, sorry).  Pay your taxes, and if you have large unclaimed income then don’t go around flaunting your wealth, lest you end up like Wesley Snipes.

However, not everything captured on film is an accurate portrayal of real life.   You can drive around in a Lambourghini in a music video, but not actually own and pay insurance for one.

You can play a soldier in a movie and not be in the military.   I mean Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t collect a veteran’s pension for his portrayal as Special Forces team leader, John Matrix in ‘Commando’, right? … 

French Montana might know the Streets, but apparently struggles with geography.  For those of you unfamiliar with Canada’s vast landscape, saying ‘just crossed the Montreal border into Canada’ is akin to announcing you ‘crossed the Memphis border into America.’

I can just see a disappointed French-speaking crowd show up expecting some kind of Francophone Scarface.  Here's some concert video footage from the show.

James Brown isn’t considered part of the hip hop oeuvre?  Damn, guess I should update my favorite artists list then.

Telling a hip hop DJ to stop spinning James Brown and “play some hip hop” is like going into a rock bar and telling them to turn off The Rolling Stones and “play some rock ‘n roll”.

Sorry Mac, but I’m going to have to CENSOR your spelling here.  I imagine this tweet was directed at ‘Modern Family’ sexpot Sophia Vergara.  You’re right though, let’s see some titties on that muthafuckin television!

Really, it’s that simple, all you have to do is ask, and girls will have a ménage-a-trois with you?

Gentlemen, if you get the ‘nuts’ to ask your girlfriend to have a threesome, do yourself a favor: stop.  If you read that tweet and had a revelation wash over you, “ya, know what, I’m gonna just ask Cindy if I can get with her and her best friend.  Its simplicity is its genius.” Stop.  You know what shy dudes really don’t get?  Stabbed in the leg by their girlfriend.

Apparently, The Game only judges books by their cover.  Guess you can do that when you’re a ‘Handsome Ass N***a’.

Tyler, the Creator either really loves hip hop, or really hates fourteen year olds.  I find this tweet confusing, was this unnamed fourteen year old telling you, or simply posing a question?

Clearly, Tyler isn’t a fan of Nas’ “Hip Hop is Dead” track.  He drops two shades of ‘F-bomb’ (four and six lettered), and so much vitriol in this tweet that it could play as a diss-track: “you fucking cock sucker, you are 14/ got me wiping the floors with ya, Mr Clean/ Hey Nas, Hip Hop ain’t Dead, now you’ve been told/ stop acting like a bitter 40 year old… *drops mic*”

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