After last week's "Special Edition" of 140 Bars, we recommence your regularly scheduled article.  This week Joey Budden is on his early morning creep, Fabolous combines two of our favorite things, and Rihanna's ass is about to explode. 

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10.  Fabolous

Strip clubs have been a point of interest of many rappers featured in this column, but Fab is the first to broach the subject of dining at a Gentleman's Club.  Some prudes are repulsed at the idea of stuffing food down your gullet while surrounded by naked women.  Personally, I think it's always a good idea to combine two things you enjoy: booze and movies, or video games and blowjobs, to name two.  If you're at a strip club enjoying the sights then you might as well enjoy some delectable wings as well.  Just make sure you wash your hands first. 

9.  Machine Gun Kelly

Speaking of combining naked women and eating...MGK puts on a show while on stage, burying his face in synthetic female genitalia.

8.  Gunplay

You know when a girl hollers, and it’s just as friends, or it's someone you have zero interest in? Take that feeling and multiply it by three, and you'll see what it's everytime a guy DMs you on Twitter unprovoked .  As an editor on this site, I know the feeling all too well. 

7.  Joe Budden

Budden appears to be redefining the "late night creep", by moving it to early morning.  It's quite genius actually, taking a brazen approach and announcing he's looking for his "beautiful female friends" so early.  No one would suspect what his ulterior motives truly are. 

6.  Swizz Beatz

Wow Swizz’s dad has some big balls. I’d rather try stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger then fuck around with the champ's belt. 

5.  Mack Maine

Well, he did ask nicely. Speaking of asking nicely, Mack, can you just get Wayne to drop D4 already...please!

4.  Rihanna

Gotta be careful when you eat those RiRi, them churros will go straight to your ass...


3.  The Weeknd

You cannot remake an Arnold Schwarzenegger classic without having him in it, everyone involved should be ashamed. That is, everyone besides Kate Beckinsale, and the three-breasted woman.

2.  Mac Miller

Twitter is like BET. During the daytime, you have your standard, usually censored version, and late at night, when decent folks are asleep, you have your uncensored version, "Twitter After Dark".  Much like "BET After Dark", you'll find a lot more strippers, and women who work in the adult industry tweeting late.  

1.  Slim Thug

Pretty crafty on Slim's part here, imparting advice on ducking racially-profiling dickhead cops.  Check out the guys in the picture below, you think they got pulled over? Hell no.  Drunk as hell, leaving the beach, still drinking in the jeep, and posting pics of it online.