Welcome to this week’s ‘140 Bars or Less’ post where we look at the “best-in tweet” in the world of Hip Hop.

Dissecting the funniest, most entertaining, and outrageous tweets from some of the biggest names in rap who are on Twitter.


If ever there was a case for the pitfalls of celebrity and losing your privacy.  Using a public toilet is frightening enough as is, without the prospect of a boundary-unaware fan peering over the stall while you try to do your business.  Only question I have is, of all the places you had to choose, Slim went to JC Penney?


The Game prefaces this as a ‘Hood Tip’ but this tip is applicable in various regions.  Is it racist to approach a person wearing the same colored shirt as the uniform of the store you’re in with a question?  I saw a Spanish dude wearing a black and white striped shirt at Foot Locker and asked him to grab me the patent leather Jordan’s in an 11.  Turns out he didn’t work there, and just had horrible fashion.


Domestically kept fish in a tank rely on fish food for sustenance.  Just as strippers rely on crumpled 20s for sustenance.  For your own safety, don’t ‘make it rain’ in a strip club, lest you be trampled.  [And download Meek's Dreamchasers 2 here]


Best tweet ever = Rihanna tweeting about $tripper$

Although, sexy ass Rihanna going to see girls strip is definitely a case of ‘bringing a burger to a buffet’.  I mean, if she wants to see ass – get a mirror.


This cannot be good for the defense in Wiz Khalifa’s court case...  http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/wiz-khalifa-busted-for-marijuana-possession-news.1908.html


The misuse of ‘awkward’ has become rampant, and it needs to stop.  “I thought I was meeting my friend at Starbucks at 5pm, turns out they thought we were meeting at Cold Stone Creamery…So Awkward!”

There is absolutely nothing awkward about being in another city while some fans think you’re in your tour bus.


Well this is ‘awkward’, seems Gibbs made a mistake and wrote the tag for his Plenty of Fish dating profile accidently on his Twitter.


Oh, mad libs, I love those!

I can’t believe (name of OG gangster rapper) is at (prestigious event primarily comprised of affluent white folk) with his girlfriend (stripper name/food product):  I can’t believe Ice T is at The Kentucky Derby with his girlfriend CoCo.

Let’s try one more: I can’t believe Too $hort is at Wimbledon with his girlfriend Caramel.


Full disclosure: I am a full blown ‘cabist’ – I hate cab drivers.  The 10th layer of hell is occupied by the decrepit souls of cab drivers and ticket scalpers.  So without any context, I can confidently say that the man who smashed the cabbie’s windshield was fully within his right.  In fact, the cab driver is lucky he didn’t get his tires slashed too.


I’m going to ask the readers to chime in on this.  If you could play one song for an Obama rally what would it be?  Leave your suggestions in the comments, or contact us on Twitter @140BarsorLess and we’ll retweet the funniest responses.

(That lady on the right doesn't seem too happy about this evening's particular playlist.)