In Fort Worth, Texas police have charged a 13-year old suspect with murder for fatally stabbing her friend during a sleepover.

It was Tuesday morning that Nylah Lightfoot was stabbed at an apartment complex in South Fort Worth where family members say she was spending the night at the suspect’s home. When the two got into an argument, the female suspect pulled a knife and stabbed Nylah several times. She was soon transported to the closest hospital but did not survive. According to the medical examiner, Lightfoot died from stab wounds to her neck and her chest.

Because the suspect is a minor, Fort Worth police are not identifying her. It was during a court appearance on Thursday that a judge ruled that she would stay in juvenile detention and would not be released to her parents.

Antoinette Carter, mother of the victim, says that her daughter and the suspect were “on and off” friends. The suspect initially asked to spend the night at Carter’s home, but when she told her no, she insisted that Nylah come over to pick up some clothes she’d left at her apartment.

“My baby was the sweetest little girl here. She didn't bother nobody,” Carter said. “She made straight As. She was friends with everybody."

Carter explains that the two got into a physical altercation that led to the fatal stabbing.

“She whooped you. You should have accepted it,” Carter added. “No, you had to go back in the house and get a knife and stab and kill my baby. Now, I'm daughterless. My heart feels like it's been ripped out and stomped on […] She didn't give me no problems. She was my backbone. She helped me with everything. For her to do this to her, it's just wrong."