Reality television shows became popular after the launch of MTV’s The Real World in 1992. Then came the wildly well liked Survivor and Big Brother, and from then on reality tv has been infiltrating our televisions sets.

With the reality television trend comes other trends, such as rappers who have their own reality shows or are featured in them. One of the first reality shows that starred a rapper, and was pretty much run by him, was Making The Band 2. Puff Daddy went on a search to find the next big music group. In the following seasons he put together Danity Kane and Da Band, one of whom is still making music.

Some of these reality shows follow old-time rappers who now have families, such as Run DMC’s Rev Run, Coolio and Ice-T. Run’s House starring Rev Run and his family ran for six seasons. It showed their family going through their issues, but for the most part presented them as a functional and loving family. As for Coolio’s reality show Coolio Rules, Coolio and his family seemed alienated from each other.

The current reality television series doing well featuring rappers include T.I. in T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, Love & Hip-Hop and Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. Funny enough all of these shows are shown on VH1. This channel was ahead of the game when it came to reality tv featuring celebrities when they began airing what they called Celebreality in 2005.

Here’s a list of 13 reality shows featuring rappers in all their drama-filled glory.