Jay Electronica is a strange cat. The New Orleans-born MC now resides in London, where very few rappers decide to claim home. He's released music sporadically throughout his 11 year career, failing to deliver a long-awaited full-length project despite signing to Roc Nation MGMT and rapping alongside the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Jay Z.

He has released some classic material, though, and almost all of it is super unique. Whether he's rapping about psychedelic drugs, splitting atoms, the Bible or his homeless period, it's always done in a very interesting way...something that can't necessarily be said for everyone else in the rap game. Case in point: we probably won't see Jay biting OG Maco or Migos any time soon. Or at least we hope not.

We do hope to see new music from Jay Electronica soon, however. For now, let's dig back and look at his 13 essential tracks.