Last week, we highlighted the most underrated collaborations between two rappers from this past year. However, with a year as overwhelming as this one, it would be a shame not to go a step further and touch on the specific subsect of producer-rapper combos that’ve bubbled to the surface. This unique pairing of minds is beast of its own; since the conception of the genre, it’s been this powerful pairing between a beatmaker and an MC that has led to genuine innovation.

Every Drake’s got a 40, every Kendrick’s got a Sounwave. Historically, from Eric B. & Rakim to Mike WiLL Made It & Rae Sremmurd, and everyone in between, these sorts of creative alliances have often resulted in the most fully realized iteration of either involved artist. There is an unspoken language between the best duos and it's this level of understanding that could ultimately lead to an impressively cohesive final product.

These partnerships have always existed behind the scenes, but haven't been all that appealing as a mainstream narrative until the rise of household names like Mike WiLL or, say, a Metro Boomin. And now that there seems to be a resurgence of public interest in the crucial joining of forces that have led to some of our most favorite recent efforts, it's important that we give credit where its due.

Our list of 13 notable producer-rapper collabs from 2017 aims to not only highlight "the best of" but showcase the most underrated as well. It's a melding of both.