We are living in some wild times right now and people are beginning to freak out. So much so, that even prisoners are scared of what is to come. We have already seen the Coronavirus make its way into the prison system and some inmates are worried that they could become infected as well. With this in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that some prisoners are taking matters into their own hands. Last night in a Yakima County Jail, twelve prisoners escaped after breaking through the exterior fire exit with a table.

Six of the inmates were captured while another six are still on the loose. A spokesperson for the police is worried that the prisoners won't listen to the stay at home order and will be roaming the streets where they could be vulnerable.

"Despite the governor's shelter in place, or the stay at home warning, probably they didn't want to do that so they are out and about," a spokesperson explained. "And we need your help to get these guys back in custody. Because we don't know what they're going to be doing when we haven't got eyes on them. ... Help us get these back in the Yakima County Jail, where they'll be safe."

It is believed that the inmates will be wearing green shirts and green pants.