Yesterday, reports indicated that the jury selection for Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial had been stalled amid some racial slurs uttered by one of the prosecutors. Both of the opposing parties then retreated into their separate chambers while the issue was dealt with. After hours of deliberation, the final 12 jurors for the high profile case have finally been chosen. 

The identities of the individuals remain unknown, but is made up of five women and seven men. Two of the jurors are African-American, while the remaining ten are white. Most of the dozen are middle aged, with the exception of one man in his 20s, as well as two women who appear to be in their 60s. 

The comedian and former star of The Cosby Show is being retried for sexual assault after Andrea Constand revealed that she had allegedly been drugged and molested by the 80 year-old sometime in 2004. Jurors initially called a mistrial after having deliberated for days. Constand is expected to take the stand and testify against Cosby once again, this time alongside five other women. 

Almost 50 women have now accused Cosby of some form of sexual assault or misconduct, with some allegations going back several decades. Many of the victims recall Cosby offering them a drink that was laced with Quaaludes, a notable date-rape drug, which he admitted to in an old deposition.