Like boxing, hip-hop has always been driven by competition. But while the masses love it when top tier MCs go after each other in lyrical (or these days, reality show-style physical) combat, everybody loves a happy ending. After the tragic deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, hip-hop has become more conscious about settling these things before they get out of hand. With hip-hop now getting up there in years, there are also older MCs to offer insight to the hot-tempered younger generation and see things more long-term. Even if it might seem that each side hates each other when they're entangled in a no-holds-barred war of words, game recognize game and most times the respect is always there. From 50 Cent reuniting with his former G-Unit soldiers onstage, to New York heavyweights Jay Z and Nas collaborating on tracks, the only thing that's often more lucrative than the conflict is the resolution.