Beats, rhymes and couch life; sometimes there’s no avoiding a day-long plunge down the Netflix rabbit hole. But let’s be honest, it always sucks when you run out of episodes of your favorite show to binge. Every time I finish the Office, I know it’ll be a couple months before I can watch it again, knowing the episodes will seem fresh.

It’s the long weekend in North America, so that means plenty of extra time to park on the futon and blast reruns of How I Met Your Mother, but many whose ears are tuned to hip hop are missing out on some great titles for the sake of Ted’s storyline. Spoiler: Ted is kind’ve a terrible human being. You can finish that mess later.

Need something better to watch? Not to worry, because HotNewHipHop has your back. While the Netflix catalog is an ever changing smorgasbord of hope and disappointment, here are 11 great films, series and documentaries you can binge on all weekend long.

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