Whether he's shaming Mac Miller for drug use, trying to convince Post Malone's girlfriend that she'll eventually be cheated on, or doing everything in his power to upend Young Thug's career, Charlamagne Tha God knows how to get under rappers' skin. Since 2010, he's been the star player on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, and in his tenure, his no-holds-barred mindset has prompted quite a few responses from the artists he frequently throws under the bus. 

While some targets of past Charlamagne quips, like Nicki Minaj and Childish Gambino, have made it clear that they're not fans of him without coming right out with a diss, there are others who've taken it a little more personally. Some have included derogatory name-drops in their songs, and some have even dedicated entire tracks to him. Whatever your personal opinion of Tha God is, dude's been dissed by at least ten nationally recognized rappers, which is more than you can say.