Few names have taken the hip-hop world by storm like ILoveMakonnen has in the last few months. A buzz-worthy mixtape artist came to mainstream fame after signing to Drake's OVO Sound label, along with having Drizzy blessing his single "Tuesday" with a verse. ILoveMakonnen's career hasn't been the same since, and Tuesdays at the club have been going up ever since.

With all the hype, it's easy to lose track of who this person really is. The singer has an experimental and somewhat controversial sound, thanks to off-pitch vocals and production from ATL producers like Sonny Digital and Dun Deal. If you've yet to check out his ILoveMakonnen EP, hit play below.

After you've listened to the EP, click through these galleries to find out 10 things you need to know about ILoveMakonnen.