"Lord, my all, what you think of it? Been on this long road accumulating luggage. As time proceeds, preoccupied with everything, I think it's 'bout time that I sing of nothing."

Wale’s fourth studio album, deceptively titled The Album About Nothing, is what happens when a rapper devotes 10 years to his craft, switches labels, subsequently tops the Billboard charts, loses a close friend to a car accident then a child to miscarriage soon after, and realizes that the music industry, the one place he desperately seeks approval, still fails to recognize him as a force amongst his peers. The Seinfeld-inspired album is a 14-track therapy session that takes audiences through the last few years of Wale’s personal and professional struggles, and may be a return to the melodic, heartfelt spoken word for which he was well-known and intermittently loved. A hefty handful of the songs on The Album About Nothing are definitely saying something, and although not a flawless piece of work, they seem to mark a new beginning for the rapper.

Here are 10 things The Album About Nothing is actually about.