Need a new series to binge watch this weekend? Wondering what everyone else is watching? This compilation of movies and TV series helps service both of those needs. Netflix is constantly updating their ever-expanding catalogue each month, and we've picked out some of their most recent additions to the platform. The list counts three classic films and six rather new Netflix Originals, so there's a bit of everything. Whether it's sitting on the couch with your family enjoying a movie you haven't seen in years, or placating your insomnia by watching an entire season of shows in one night, this is what you can check out this weekend. 



This Netflix Original was produced by Simpsons and Futurama mastermind, Matt Groening, and carries all the same types of humor, but this go around, the setting is a fantasy medieval kingdom. The show follows Princess Bean, her elf-friend Elfo, and her “personal demon,” Luci, while they search for Bean’s meaning in life and run away from the Prince next in line to marry her all amidst drinking heavily. Broad City’s, Abbi Jacobson, does the voiceover for the witty Princess. 

Demetri Martin: The Overthinker

This is a recent Netflix Original stand-up special. Demetri Martin's The Over Thinker is among the most hilarious specials you'll see this month/ever-- he gives us one-liners, and somehow manages to connect the dots through out the special. Trust, he's funny.

Bert Kreischer: Secret Time

We haven't actually been able to watch this yet since it literally debuted on Netflix today. However, if we know Bert, it's going to a hilarious tirade of stories. Once named “Number One Partier In The Nation” by Rolling Stone, he walks the viewer through his wild nights and late mornings by "getting drunk and sharing secrets." The set was filmed at the Trocadero theater in Philadelphia. Hop on the Bert bandwagon before it's too late.

The After Party

An aspiring rapper, Owen, goes viral after vomiting on Wiz Khalifa, and thus, thinks his career is over-- but his manager/friend has a different idea. The two concoct a crazy after party in New York filled with rappers and celebs to try and get a record deal. KYLE stars as the main character joined by appearances from DJ Khaled, French Montana, Desiigner, Teyana Taylor, and more. If you like rap/rappers, why not give it a try?

Marlon: Season 2

Marlon is back with a second season of ten 30-minute episodes. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s loosely based on Marlon Wayans’ personal life. He shares custody of his two kids with his ex-wife, while they attempt to maintain an amicable, or perhaps even friendly, relationship. In the show, Marlon is a semi-popular YouTube vlogger. New episodes will see Marlon helping his ex-wife go on dates and countless other hilarious situations. 


This new Netflix true-crime series follows death row inmates as they tell the stories that led them to their current situation, with death looming. The show shines a light on the US Justice System and what daily life is like for the inmates. Among the 10 cases is one many know, Miguel Angel Martinez, the youngest person (age 17) in Texas to be sentenced to death row for a triple murder. If you want some oft creepy, dark, real-life stories, this is it.

All About The Washingtons

This Netflix Original is a scripted family sitcom that follows ​Joey Washington​​ (Rev Run) and his wife ​​Justine Washington​ (Justine Simmons) playing made-up versions of themselves raising a family. Joey retires from Hip Hop and becomes a stay-at-home dad while Justine, now, has time to pursue her own career. 

Batman Begins

A classic. You know how it goes-- Christian Bale plays Batman, who fights corruption in Gotham City, again. This film elevated the Batman series by telling his origin story and journey of becoming Batman. Critics call this one of the best Superhero films of the 2000s. The movie ends with the Gotham City PD telling Batman there is a killer who continues to leave Joker cards at his crime scenes, signaling the start of The Dark Knight era.

Evan Almighty

Before Steve Carell became the face of countless The Office memes, he gave us this hilarious movie where God contacts him to build an ark for a huge flood. This is the spin-off of Bruce Almighty-starring Jim Carrey made a few years prior. The modern-day Noah's Ark was the most expensive film to make of it's time - beating out Men in Black - due to the special effects. 

Paid in Full

Ace (played by Wood Harris) struggles to stay afloat at his job at a dry cleaning spot in Harlem so he dives into the dangers of the 1980s underground drug scene hoping to make more money. The film takes you through the emotions of losing loved ones to drugs and murder but turns around just in time for Ace to raise his baby and make a new life for himself. A classic in many hip-hop circles, and if you haven't watched it yet, what're you doing here?

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