In the world of rap, “raunchy music video” is almost always code for “ass-shaking fiesta.” Thus, when narrowing down this list from 30+ videos to 10, I was forced to take multiple criteria into consideration. Is the song any good? Was it popular?

More than anything, does the video kick it to the next level? A rap video can be supremely entertaining and yet not truly raunchy. Take French Montana’s “Pop That” video for example -- it features two hundred women dancing in bikinis but arguably places too much emphasis on its quartet of big name rappers. In a truly raunchy music video, the artist is less important than the sexual chaos surrounding him. In a truly raunchy music video, shit gets weird.

So without further ado, HNHH presents the 10 Raunchiest Rap Videos of All Time! We limited it to one video per artist, otherwise the list would just be populated by a bunch of 2 Live Crew videos.

It goes without saying that these videos are all NSFW... proceed at your own risk.