Superman isn't Superman if he inexplicably switches from superpowered do-gooder, to some sort of motorcycle-riding anti-hero, to maniacal villain, and back and forth between the extremes. Such mythology is a big part of the hip-hop culture, as well as proper marketing. Any marketing novice and comic book savant knows that consistency is key to building one's image/brand. A rapper who constantly switches up can lose a fan base or market, or even worse: he or she gets labeled as a fake for wearing different styles (there's nothing worse than not being real). It didn't work out too well for party rapper-turned street gangsta MC Hammer, whose most recent cling to relevancy came from a Jay Z bar.

That sort of slander didn't come for these rappers. The following 10 artists were able to switch it up on their audience without losing too much of a fan base and even gaining some new believers. Some of them even managed to make their new style not only believable but compelling, too. Without further ado, here are Rappers Who Switched Their Style Up.