Although the initial critical reception to the 1983 movie "Scarface" was pretty mixed, with plenty of harsh reviews, it has since gone on to not only become a rapper favorite, but cement itself as a classic. Although it was panned so hard by critics, it turned out to be a box office smash.

Over the years the tale of Cuban immigrant Tony Montana, who went from dishwasher to small-time drug runner to Miami's cocaine kingpin, would inspire generations to come, and once hip hop became ingrained in popular culture the two became a match made in heaven. With street savvy tales of rags to riches and a "Sky's the limit" attitude, rappers quickly came to idolize Tony Montana in their lyrics, videos and in the case of rapper Scarface, even their names. With the recent announcement that their would be a remake of the Brian De Palma directed cult classic it is only fitting to look back at some of the top references, shout outs and name checks offered by various MCs from different eras.