The Roots have collaborated with nearly everyone in hip hop. As the rap scene's resident band, they've made music with everyone from Jay Z and Kanye to Rae Sremmurd and Miley Cyrus. There's literally nobody they can't pair up with, and their residency on Jimmy Fallon's talk shows has proven that.

But once upon a time, The Roots used to be on TV less and in concert halls more. While we're super stoked that the band has reached this point, a selfish part of us wishes they would pair up with our favorite MCs and hit the road so we can see some great hip hop music performed live. If you frequent rap concerts, you know they can be very hit or miss, but The Roots are masters of their craft.

We'd like to see them team up with other masters of the hip hop world for some memorable live shows. Some of these MCs they've collaborated with before for full shows, some for only for one song on the Tonight Show. Either way, this is who we'd like to see The Roots back up in concert.