On his interview with Hot 97 that uploaded to YouTube yesterday morning, Kendrick Lamar said there's "definitely, definitely" going to be a collaboration album with J. Cole. (You can find that tidbit around the 11:25 mark on the interview.

The duo are undoubtably two of the biggest names in hip hop, what would it be like? Could they feed off eachother's energy? Would it be more like To Pimp A Butterfly or 2014 Forest Hills Drive? And if they continue on this rate, it would be a Watch The Throne level release.

Although it may not come out for a long time, it had us wondering, "What producers should be on this album?" A lot of names might come to mind, and it's hard to narrow it down. However, we picked 10 producers we hope to hear most on the record. Let us know who you would have selected!