The only difference between an everyday sneaker collection and a celebrity's sneaker collection— is the moolah. It's quite the difference, too, as you'll see.

Indeed, the more money you have, the more kicks you can purchase. With that said, there are several celebrities that have taken their hard earned funds and invested it heavily into their footwear. We recognize that having the right connects and mountains of cash is the crowning piece to the kicks equation, however even with all that loot you still have to have the cognition and bustle to stay up on the game. Having a shoe closet that's basically the same size as your bedroom, filled with very scarce sneakers from eons ago, as well as pretty much every highly-sought after sneaker from recent years, has to attain a certain level of respect and appreciation.

The following celebrity sneaker collections are what sneakerhead dreams are made of. From retros to limited edition PE's (Player Exclusives), these assemblages are more lit than the 4th of July. The likes of DJ Clark Kent and Jordy Geller didn't make the cut, though the celebs that did undoubtedly give them a serious run for their money.  

For these collectors too, the closets themselves are just as crucial as the actual sneakers preserved in them. Here's a rundown of the best celebrity sneaker storerooms / collections in the world (thus far).