When Fabolous rapped "Cause the entree ain't as good without somethin' on the side," he was alluding to the cultural praise of the side chick. In hip-hop, having a side piece is just as mandatory as owning a gaudy chain or an Italian sports car. Although cheating is widely viewed as a disgusting action, the idea of having a side piece is contradictorily worshiped in hip-hop culture.

The exploitation of hip-hop by record companies attributed to the rise of the video vixen in the '90s. Videos with half-naked girls received more requests, and the more the government tried to ban them, the more popular they became. Soon, video vixens became a standard in rap music videos. Some video vixens have crept their way into famous rapper's homes, just to cause drama and attain fleeting fame. Some aren't video vixens either, just a lady looking for her come-uppance, or else, just a man looking for something different to satiate hormones.

Blackmail has been the weapon of choice for several side chicks. Most recently Kevin Hart's attempted extortion/cheating scandal has made major headlines nationwide. Other side chicks become mainstays in the lives of the men who they have slept with, also giving birth to illegitimate children. "18 years, 18 years, she got one of your kids, got you for 18 years," quipped Kanye West on "Golddigger," a warning that many rappers choose to ignore. Still, some side chicks survive public scandal and achieve the seemingly impossible dream of receiving a wedding ring. Coincidentally, the same dream that every side chick in the country has, is a nightmare that every cheating man has. Infidelity has crippled many relationships, Jay-Z infamously almost lost Beyonce last year due to his own lack of self-control, an issue which she didn't hesitate to lay out on wax on her Lemonade opus. The latest alleged sidechick scandal to come to light involves Young Thug and a reported four different ladies, on top of his fiancee, Jerikka Karlae.

It seems like no man is immune to the lure of a side chick. The Game once famously stated that all men cheat. Whether you agree with him or not, the power of the side chick is irrefutable. Here's our list of some of the most notorious hip-hop-affiliated side chicks of all time.