Vine is dead. For reasons we can't comprehend, Twitter has decided to pull the plug on everybody's favorite 6-second sports highlight app leaving us all to wonder how we'll ever enjoy the game of basketball again without Russell Westbrook's next posterizing dunk or Draymond Green's next kick in the balls on a loop for all of eternity.

It's a shame that this news broke just as a new NBA season got underway because there truly is nothing better than those highlights popping up on your twitter feed while all of the games are going on but we will prevail.

In honor of Vine's demise, we're taking a look back at 10 NBA players who we wish had the opportunity to play during the Vine Era.

There are obviously more than 10 former NBA stars whose highlights we would've loved to see on an endless loop every night, so hit us with some of your suggestions in the comment section.