Meek Mill's progress is amazing. When you listen to his first few projects, his street introspection is present but unpolished. After his experiences with an incompetent judge and a corrupt law enforcement system, Meek has grown to articulate street injustice more powerfully. His mission to raise awareness, quell violence, teach the youth, and scare the corrupt can be heard throughout Championships. It's as if the law awoken a sleeping giant with Meek, not realizing that he was the wrong rapper to tie up in a judicial scandal. While some men may roll over and face their fate, Meek made it his mission to expose the system around him rather than give up. That's how champions handle things. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA

Combing through Meek's album for the most woke bars wasn't hard. In fact, it was the opposite. Championships is packed with so much relevant, informative, and illuminating content that it needs to be dissected a hundred times over. We had to take entire chunks of verses instead of singular bars, because the messages intertwined were too integral to split up the bars. Jay-Z's verse on "What's Free" could school the entire world by itself. It's no wonder vets like T.I. and Jay-Z choose to stand behind Meek. He's a street poet, a rap scholar, an influential lyricist, and a problem for the system. Sit back, soak up some game, and dive into the 10 most woke bars on Championships. 

You can stream Championships on Spotify below.